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The Magic of a Morning

The Magic of a Morning

A peaceful day starts with a fresh morning. A morning is synonymous with a new day and a new opportunity. A day after a long night holds another chance for us. A new morning with a positive thought can change you and your mind. The sunlight is in the form of a new ray of hope, which makes us alive yet. Everyone has a purpose in their life. Life is a story of finding and fulfilling the reason behind our existence. But, it is not as simple as we are thinking. A story has a journey of happiness, sadness, and so many undefined emotions. Emotion is a state of mind, which leads us throughout our journey. Thus, our mind has a direct connection with this outer world. 

Happiness is the ultimate goal. In the journey of our life, everyone is the seeker of happiness. From satisfaction, we obtain happiness. Happiness and wellbeing are words going together. The cause of happiness for people is varying. We plan for a happy future and act accordingly. We are forgetting to live in the present. Or sometimes we repent by reminding our past. 

To love yourself and spread love among the people, we have to stay connected with our inner soul. Exploring oneself is the best way to reach our root of happiness. To love yourself and make them strong is the primary duty of us. We are responsible for our state of mind. Our choices make this happen. Exploring the world helps us to understand our ability and the stage of development. But exploring the inner world helps us to understand what we are capable of. There is a connection between the outer and inner world of a human. 

A human is made of soul, body, and mind, which implies spiritual health, physical health, and emotional health. All these aspects of human health are correlated. We, humans, are so weird and complex, that weirdness makes the people different from each other.  

To find the real we within ourselves, we have to know who we are! It’s really not so easy to identify ourselves among the outer mask of personality. We are always scared to be judged and try to present our sober personality in front of the world. Set yourself free from all the rules of this society and try to feel the essence of this universe. Set our soul free and powerful to conquer every hurdle in your life.

A free soul is a person who has reached a certain degree of maturity and emotional stability based on confidence and independence. To be emotionally stable, we have to control our own emotions by ourselves. In this age of social media, it is very easy to get someone to talk and share our emotions very easily but ultimately, it’s all about temporary and for a time being. To stay happy and confident, we have to be emotionally dependent, apprehend all our emotions, and control them if needed. 

Change is a phenomenon of the environment. Every day brings some changes in your life. Be focused on it; and make that change move toward positivity. In each phase of life, we faced many changes in our surroundings and within ourselves. The end of something is the starting of other things. But, the person who looks at this change as an opportunity to make their lives productive, is ultimately the gainer. Time is very precious. Utilize each moment of your life to make yourself a productive, successful, independent, and responsible human for this mankind and society. 

Life is very uncertain and unpredictable. Each day in our life is a blessing of God. A new day is a platform for performing and experiencing something new. Morning is the best part of the day. A fresh morning has some magic and power to make us more confident and hopeful. 

It’s only you who can make your morning perfect and view the world with a glass of optimism. It is said that the Human body is a temple and God is there within us. Every person has some optimal power. Some people try immensely to utilize that and else are still unaware of their power. The power comes from our internal world. We have to gain the power for controlling our minds and train them according to our wishes.

Morning can be the ideal time when you can realize what to do and what should be your next step to do that because we have overcome the struggle on the previous night and acquired a new day with a fresh mind. There is nothing impossible. We shouldn’t lose our hope and believe in ourselves. The whole universe is trying to make us strong. Take some resolutions to transform a casual morning into a new ideal morning. 

Resolutions to take in the morning to make the day more enjoyable:

  • Wake up early in the morning which is the best time to spend with you and gather all the positive energy into yourself.
  • Try to spend some minutes in nature or you can go for a walk or do some physical exercise. These will keep you energized for the whole day. Nature carries the secret of this world. It is the source of magic and secrecy.
  • Try to avoid social media or phone for at least 2 hrs after waking up. Nowadays, the virtual world is the best company for us, where nothing is true or valid. Everyone is busy showing their so-called happiness through some clicks. People are forgetting their actual tasks and losing the real you within them.
  • Keep smiling and wish greetings to every one of the family. Spreading love is the supreme task of a human. Humankind is bonded with the thread of love.
  • Check your to-do list for the day or make it out. Be organized and disciplined in your life. Discipline is the basic rule for a man in their successful life. 
  • Keep yourself away from any quarrel
  • You can also do meditation. These could be one of the best solutions to your stress, tension, anxiety, or any problem related to your life skills. Choose guided meditation methods, if you are a beginner. Meditation also helps a person to quest for his/her soul.
  • Having a cheerful conversation with your family while sipping on a cup of hot tea can vitalize your morning. Above everything in our life, the family is the greatest gift of God.  
  • Try to avoid unnecessary gossip. Keep yourself to the way and process of learning. Life is an ongoing process of learning. We should learn from every mistake in life.
  • Train your mind like a trainer to detach yourself from the worldly thing. 

Thus bringing some little change into your lifestyle you can get an organized morning. And more importantly, you should be grateful for getting a new day in your life. Morning is a great time to think about your life and cultivate new ideas for personality development. Ultimately; the way you approach those morning hours can set the tune for the rest of the day. 

“Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful day of your life.”



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