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Meditation: The Secret of Inner Peace

Meditation: The Secret of Inner Peace

Life is a surprise gift, and we are the planner of it. We see it as a journey of experiences and the destination for filling it with happiness and positivity. But the question is, do we plan our journey or the journey plans the things?

Every journey starts from a quest. Similarly, the journey of our life moves on to achieve some goals. It is a mixture of different tastes. Tastes like pain, sadness, happiness, joy, and worries are part of our journey. Our subconscious mind always expects happiness but our logical mind is the one who helps us to think rationally. As a passenger of life, we plan our goal and the ways to achieve it. We all expect a meaningful, happy, and successful life. 

We plan every step for fulfillment. With this aspect of life, we should also understand, there are some unpleasant feelings also and we have to go through it. Most of the people are not prepared for it and become very much upset and dysfunctional towards their life. But sometimes, we are busy enjoying the small and temporary pleasure and miss out on some happiness which is more pleasurable and permanent in our life.

Throughout life, we experience many things that help us to handle emotional breakdown. Experience gives us maturity with age. Every person has the responsibility to make their personal life meaningful and peaceful. Our personal, social, and professional life have a close connection. All these three are interlinked. A human is a social being. He has to stay with a lot of people whatever it is, his family or workplace or in society. To be productive and responsible, a person should stay focused on his goal as well as every small aspect of life. 

A human’s heart is fond of fantasy, which always provides happiness and good feelings. But when we are not getting the vibes of pleasurable and comfortable things, we get hurt and feel broken. It is the nature of human behavior. When we bring reality to the road of fantasy and think realistically, then only we could understand the right things in our life.

There are many medicines or technology for our physical health but we should look after our mental health too. Our mind is the dictator of our life, which is more strong and powerful than our heart. 

Sometimes we feel very low and hopeless. It is very common and frequently happened among adolescents. More or less every person of different ages has experienced it. Most of the people easily reach the peak point of any emotion, whether it is happiness or sadness. From that excitement, they can easily do anything wrong or weird. 

To stay calm in any situation, to think very deeply about any problem, or to overcome the problem of anxiety or overthinking, there is a solution that not only helps us to become emotionally stable but also to identify them. To become productive in life, we have to work on so many things, which are practicing in nature. It’s said that practice makes a man perfect. So, basically, we have to keep practicing all those things and control our subconscious mind from getting attached to any worldly and pleasurable materials in the universe.

Meditation is an exercise to connect with the soul and enrich it. It is one of the tools to make our life productive. Meditation strengthens our mind-spirit-bond for a healthier life. It is a habitual process, which helps us to lose our concern over the past and future and live in the present moment. We are very concerned about happiness and try to do that work which generates happiness for us. Once we complete one goal and get satisfied, again we set another goal and search for satisfaction only. This is a never-ending process. And it’s human nature, who has always been unsatisfied with his life. This dissatisfaction brings forth so many problems and worries into life. We should believe that there are some duties and responsibilities in life and we have to complete them.

Meditation is one of the ways to control our minds and concentrate on our duties. The human mind is very capricious. It easily captures the high sound and gets distracted very quickly, which is uncontrollable for humans. In meditation, we have to focus on a single direction and avoid all the unnecessary thoughts and sounds in our surroundings. This brings an inner peace revolution among our souls which pours our spirit with positive vibes. 

Here are some steps for successful meditation. These are:

  • Find a peaceful environment that is away from all unnecessary sounds. A place with tranquillity and also favorable for our mind as well as body.
  • Bring yourself in a calm and stable situation. Sit in a comfortable position and don’t force yourself to sit in a specific position which makes you uncomfortable.
  • Close your eyes and relax your physical and mental health through a deep breathing process. Stop your mind from running behind unnecessary thoughts.
  • Try to focus on breathing which is a very natural process of meditation. Breathe in and breathe out helps us to reduce all the stress and makes us feel each organism of the body. It tries to connect our mind with the bodily mechanism. Let’s take time to bring them in a single line.
  • Once the body is relaxed, you should focus on the breathing process very specifically. Be conscious of each breath of inhaling and exhaling. Don’t think about any sensation of the body. It’s okay if you have to force your thoughts to stay within your focused point. You may fail again and again, but simply drift it and try to bring your attention to your breathing.
  • For a beginner, it’s tough. Although, if someone starts continually practicing, it becomes a habit and his attention should gradually improve. For a beginner, I would love to suggest, guided meditation. They may join any class in person or they seek help from the internet.
  • Mind distraction is very common in meditation. Meditation is just like a skill. To transform it into a habit, continually meditation is needed. At least try to sit for 10 to 15 mins at the initial stage and struggle with your thought to drive it into a single point. 
  • Once your meditation is complete, open your eyes very slowly, and be in a serene state.  
  • In the process of meditation. A healthy eating habit is also necessary. If you choose to meditate during the morning time then, you should freshen up first and drink fully one glass of warm water before sitting. And after completing it, drink one more glass of normal water and wash your face with cold water. Then take a cup of tea or coffee and have a completely adequate amount of breakfast.

Besides the morning, the evening is also a good time for meditation. Some people also prefer it to do during the tension period.

Meditation is the nourishment of spiritual health. For most people, spiritual health is just an idea, an abstract thing. People have no time for the health of their spirit. Spiritual health is related to the condition of our spirit. A spiritually healthy person can easily control his mind, become stable emotionally, free from unnecessary anxiety, and have a clear view of himself and also very empathetic. They are very optimistic about everything. Introspection and self-examination are the two ways for taking care of spiritual health. 

But obtaining all these things is not an easy task and is not about one-day things. Meditation is a long road to achieving all these things in our life. 

The importance of meditation are:

  • It helps to control unnecessary thoughts running into our minds. Once we control our minds, we can control our life also.
  • Helps to obtain emotional stability and be effective in our workplace.
  • It helps to revive our social relations and relation with our souls.
  • It helps to change our perspective towards the betterment of life.
  • It is an art of mindfulness. So, we can easily avoid all minuscule problems in life.
  • Helps in the most important part of life which is to live every moment and enjoy them with a full heart.
  • It also helps in increasing our IQ level and makes us confident about life.
  • It is a great way to escape the world and worries, also calming our restless mind and helps to organize our thoughts.
  • Helps to build concentration and strengthen focus towards our goal.
  • To stay happy, inner peace is very necessary for our life. Meditation helps us to become self-aware and establish inner peace and clarity in life.

Meanwhile, meditation makes our life so productive and meaningful in this competitive world. It’s also pouring our spiritual health with positivity. Spiritual health has an enormous effect on physical and mental health. Feeling happy and energetic without any specific reason is a symbol of good spiritual health. The meditation practice helps you to cultivate something new, renew the old one, and counts you in positive beings.

Meditation is an ancient tradition. It mainly comes from India (around 1500 BCE) and China (far back as 3rd and 6th century BC). 

In India, the practice of Dhyana or Jhana is referenced as the training of the mind, often translated into meditation. Most of the records come from Hinduism and Buddhism sculptures and texts. Many Chinese philosophers have mentioned it in their texts. They are Daoist, Laoist, and many ancient philosophers. But no one knows the exact date of its official starting. Except for these two religions, there are multiple references across different cultures and religions – Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. Many oldest images and wall paintings found in India about 5000 to 3500 BCE depict people sitting in a meditative posture. In Buddhism, meditation means mental development or mental calmness.

Meditation is a scientific approach. And for wellbeing, every religion and culture practice it. Today, mindfulness and meditation are productive across western society among their resources and school. 

Mindfulness meditation, spiritual meditation, focused meditation, movement meditation, mantra meditation, and transcendental meditation are a few types of meditation. Meditation also works in the betterment of physical health by reducing blood pressure, reducing pain, improving sleep, and works as an anti-depression pill.

Thus, meditation is a process of exploring oneself and getting it in a new way. Meditation is the best technique to make the journey of life more interesting and smooth.

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