Top 5 Web Development Technologies in 2020

top 5 web development technologies in 2020

Web development has picked up its pace of development over the past decade. For many years HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP were the only techniques used for web development. But now there are many new web development technologies in 2020 that have started ruling the market.

Be it blog curation or E-commerce site development, there is always a demand for a web developer. With evolving internet services, web development is moving to the next level. Along these lines, I chose to accumulate a list of the Top 5 web development technologies that are trending and advances that will command 2020. 

Without further ado, let’s jump into the Top 5 web development technologies in 2020.

The framework for your site:

A web framework is nothing but an encryption library that makes web improvement quicker and simpler by giving normal examples of building solid, versatile, and viable web applications. After the mid-2000s, proficient web advancement extends which consistently utilizes a current web arrangement aside from in irregular circumstances.


There are a lot of frameworks that can be effectively used for your website. One such effective framework is JavaScript. Whether olden times or now JavaScript hasn’t lost its relevance and stays at the top of the list. The “React or Vue” though not new, is still preferred by most of the web developers for building their site. Based on it there are some of the other methods developed over the years. 

For example, React Hooks is a model that was created based on JavaScript which has a more solidified structure and sleek form. 

Different types of frameworks are suggested for different types of websites . Static site generation can use the React and Vue, which will be ideal for it. Some other methods like .next for Vue and also Nuxt can be used for this type of development.


For static site generation, there is also an enhanced framework version that is taking over the internet by storm. It is known as GatsbyJS. Some of the source-originated plugins were also released for the GatsbyJS which is termed as Agility CMS. It helps in better optimization of your website and lessens your loading time. You can also use its quality feature of content management at free of cost.

Tailwinds and Bulma

Apart from JavaScript, there are some of the other frameworks which are a must to be mentioned in this article. If you work as a front-end developer, you must use CSS libraries for web designing purposes. Also, there are many features like Tailwinds and Bulma that speed up the front-end development process. These will help you by providing great layout ideas which will leave an everlasting imprint on your customers.


Another app-based platform called Bootstrap is also gaining significance over some past years. Every app developer must check out and get familiar with these platforms like Bootstrap and WordPress.

Web Components

Web components are also a major part of the framework which helps in the better working and enhancement of your website. This is the booming technology of the current days and is expected to take over the internet very soon. There are many web stage APIs that help to make new custom, reusable, HTML tags to use in web pages and web applications. If you are aware of the structure parts in libraries like React or Angular, Web Components should feel comparably relatable.

Website Hosting Mechanism:

Netlify and JAMstack are serverless backend services for static websites and web applications that have gotten exceptionally mainstream in web improvement.


Netlify is a platform for web hosting and innovative solutions situated in San Francisco. What’s more interesting is that JAMstack was at first rejuvenated by Netlify’s Co-author. Netlify offers a web facilitating framework for JAMstack sites. It boosts the webpage loading speed also.


JAMstack was built for large sites to launch quickly. Developers and designers additionally found that it is a lot quicker for them to create web applications with JAMstack.


WordPress also gives you a detailed and better hosting service. It has several options to choose the right hosting provider.

Programming languages:

There are hundreds of programming languages to choose from for your website. There is a need for an expert web developer to learn some major and important languages.

Java and C++

Though there are some older languages like C some of the newer versions like C++ and Java are also equally used for web development. They are more productive and will boost your website to run faster than usual.


Python has been another irreplaceable language that has been employed in the stream of web development using machine learning techniques and Artificial intelligence.


For front-end web development, it is undoubtedly JavaScript that has been used for a long time now. To use JavaScript like an expert you need to be familiar with the concept of using Yarn or NPM. It gives the developer the ability to reuse their codes and makes the process easy for updating the code as well as sharing it.

Google’s Golang

In recent days, it is observed that Google’s Golang is starting to pick up the pace in the domain of web development. It is one of the open-sourced languages that can be used for building a website.

Single page application:

A single page application is an app that works within a browser and does not need to load new pages. It saves the extra time of loading new pages, and delivers a simple but effective user experience. It rewrites current web page data with a new one from the web server every time instead of opening a new page.


To create the chatbots some of the tools and techniques like Omnichannel and AI are used. Chatbots are principally utilized for client interaction, solving queries, and in problem-solving measures, explicitly in promoting the brand and in the analytics investigation. The requirement for chatbots is almost necessary in 2020. 

At present, we can rapidly perceive how chatbots, AI voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, and voice message robots have helped private companies to connect with and change social collaborations and interactions. Generally, a chatbot communicates with an individual, however, some applications are being created where two chatbots will have the option to speak with each other. 

This advancement has permitted omnichannel to construct a computerized client experience utilizing these computerized touchpoints and guarantee consistency between chatbox, voice assisting, texting, and web services. You may incorporate different AI attributes and chatbots in your purpose of web development for 2020.

These above highlights and points would have given you the information about the top web development trends of 2020.

Debajyoti Biswas is an active blogger and entrepreneur. He completed his Mechanical Engineering Degree from MAKAUT, Kolkata. He loves to learn new things and share his knowledge with others. New technology and innovation is his prime interest.He has contributed several great and informative articles to the internet. Apart from blogging, he loves traveling, music, movies, making new dishes, and helping people.


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