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Latest Graphic Design Trends In 2020 Every Designer Must Know About

Graphic Design is a boom in the IT industry. But Why? It is for the reason that with the aid of designing, one can create attractive visuals to communicate messages to the users. A simple design can convey a deep meaning. 

Graphic Design is one of the most important elements in the field of Digital Marketing and other IT industries. The designers need to keep themselves updated with the latest graphic design trends which will enhance their skills and provide great opportunities in the future.

Designers apply page layout techniques, typography, hierarchy, and images, to meet customer expectations. Also, they focus on displaying elements to provide a great user experience.

Latest Types of Graphic Designs

User Interface Graphic Design

  • The user interface is a process that is designed to provide a great user-friendly experience. 
  • UI design emphasizes on the user’s visual experience and on-screen graphic design essentials like buttons, menus, and so on. 
  • The designer’s main role is to maintain the balance of aesthetic appeal with technical functionality. 
  • Examples of user interface design are app design, web page design, and others. 

Marketing and Advertising Graphic Design

  • Graphic Designers aid firms to promote and communicate effectively with the users. 
  • Marketing and advertising designers work with senior authorities to build assets for marketing strategies. 
  • Designers working in the marketing and advertising field have excellent communication, time-management, and problem-solving skills. 
  • An entry-level graphic designer has a great opportunity in marketing and advertising as it helps in learning and acquiring valuable skills and experience.
  • Examples of marketing and advertising graphic design are brochures, flyers, email marketing templates, visuals for websites and blogs, and many more. 

Visual Identity Graphic Design

  • It is a type of design that acts as an important element of brand identity which helps to communicate intangible qualities through color, shapes, and visuals. 
  • The designer who has experience or wants to gain experience in visual identity graphic design gets the opportunity to team up with brand stakeholders to build their brand’s personality. 
  • It is one of the common types of graphic design which provides general knowledge of all types of designs. 
  • Designers having a keen interest in visual identity needs to have great creative skills and communication skills. Also, they must be proactive in researching competitors, trends, industries, and firms. 
  • Examples of visual identity are logo, typography, and more. 

Packaging Graphic Design

  • Packaging designs are those types of designs which communicate the story of your brand to the customers.
  • It is one of the best marketing tools for an organization.
  • Packaging designers need to have deep knowledge of the print process and must possess an interest in manufacturing. 
  • Packaging designers need to produce print-ready files, create mockups and concepts for the product. 
  • Packaging designers must be flexible to meet patron’s, marketers, and manufacturer’s expectations and need to update about the graphic design trends. Examples of packaging graphic designers are cans, containers, and more.

Motion Graphic Design

  • It is the type of design that brings attractive effects to the designs.
  • It is one of those designs which is highly demanded by the customers.
  • Motion graphic design can include animation, video, audio, and other effects which make the visuals more appealing.
  • Motion graphic designing is the new specialization for designers through which they can enhance their creativity and explore new things.
  • It is one of the most type of designs which is used in digital platforms to make the product more attractive and engaging/
  • It also helps to reduce the cost and production time of the TV and film industry.
  • Examples of motion graphic designs are GIFs, Promotional videos, trailers, presentations, and more.

Publication Graphic Design

  • It is the type of design that is used for designing magazines, books, newspapers, and others. 
  • Designers gaining specialization in publication graphic design get the chance to work with editors, publishers. 
  • Designers working in the publication sector create layouts that consist of attractive visuals, illustrations, and photography. 
  • Examples of publication graphic design are annual reports, magazines, directories, and others.

Latest Graphic Design Trends in 2020 that every designer must know about

If you want to take your small business beyond the level and modernize your marketing strategy, then you must be aware of these types of graphic design trends in 2020. They are explained as below:

Simple Landing Pages:

  • Having a basic landing page design can help you to improve your ranking in Google Search Engine. Many big companies are adopting this trend which is helping in reducing the load time and making the website mobile-friendly. As per google algorithm, google prefers only those sites which have less load time and are compatible with mobile devices. So, it is important to design a basic landing page for the website.

See some Simple Landing Page Design here.

Stunning curving shapes and lines:

  • As per the latest graphic design trends, attractive shapes and lines are used to deliver a natural, unpretentious, and amendable feeling throughout the design. Having stunning shapes, lines and the use of golden ratio make the visuals engaging and provides a great user experience. Making effective use of shapes and lines can make the design look authentic and creative.

Color Gradients:

  • Making the images look unique by using gradients is more effective rather than being downgraded. Gradients bring such effects that can blow someone’s one mind. Gradients add depth and texture in simple designs and act as a color filter in intricate illustrations. Color gradients are one of the standard components of graphic design. Companies using gradients instead of flat color make them different from their competitors.

Abstract and Dreamy Illustrations:

  • Make your design stand out by using abstract and dreamy illustrations. Using simple illustrations doesn’t have eye-catching power which will make your users engage. Abstract and dreamy illustrations provide uniqueness and effectiveness to the graphics. 

Better Branded Animations:

  • As it has been observed that companies are moving forward to motion graphics which includes GIFs, animations, trailers, and many more. Many organizations are focusing more on creating unique and better animations for their brand. In 2020, animations have become the mode of communication. In animation, GIFs are very popular on social media. Above all, it is important to spend some time creating eye-catching GIFs for your brand or product. 

Genuine and Neutral Images:

  • Using, genuine, authentic, and neutral images make the visuals look real. To make the images look genuine the combination of muted colors and straightforward compositions work well. It is one of the most important and latest graphic design trends in 2020 that designers must adopt while designing.

Heavy But Simple Fonts:

  • Heavy fonts are those which are bold or extra bold. Many designers use such fonts when they are working on a simple background. It gives the image an attractive look. Also, by using heavy fonts, designers can create contrast and hierarchy in their designs to give a modern and contemporary feel. Heavy fonts should be used when you want to convey your message rapidly and efficiently.

Muted Color Palettes:

  • Avoiding the use of bold or vivid color, marketers and clients are now preferring light colors. Muted colors are light colors which are used along with black, white, or complementary colors. While working with a white background, you must use light muted colors and vice-versa with a black background. Muted Color Palettes make the content easy to read. It also makes the product look fresh and contemporary. 

Vidushi Jain is an experienced Digital Marketer. She is passionate and dedicated to work with years of experience in the field of Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Ads, Google Ads, and Content Writing. She also has a basic knowledge of designing and WordPress development.



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